Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Samsung Armani P520 ultimate Screen Protector by Martin Fields

When it comes to screen protector, what matters most are few elements
  1. Protection against multitude of factors like scratches, jerk, shocks etc.
  2. The application process
  3. Screen view
  4. UV cut
  5. Durability or long lastingness

The screen protector by Martin Fields has been exclusively designed for Samsung Armani P250 which has gloss finished LCD protective filter that enhances color reproducibility and sharpens image by transferring more light. It makes the screen brightly coloured.

There are other set of filters as well that imparts anti glare feature to utilise diffused reflection instead of eliminating it. Eliminating reflection causes lower colour reproducibility resulting in a dull monochromic colouration. So that’s where the screen protector is useful and gets edge over its competitors.

The screen protector performs extremely well with the help of Filters that reduce strain on your eyes by blocking 99% of ultraviolet rays that are emitted from LCD screens. Besides this, the filters allow light transmission up to 90% simultaneously protecting the LCD screen from degradation caused by strong sunlight and other natural lights. The Martin Fields Screen Protector for Samsung Armani P520 in nut-shell has got:

  • High resistance against Scratches.
  • Easy application.
  • It is removable, durable, reusable and washable.