Friday, October 17, 2008

Mac Concept Phone inspired by Nokia Aeon has no screen margins

The whole mobile industry has gone wild on concept phones. Very frequently we are coming across with new concept phones bolstering latest reality turned fictitious concepts. However, the one that we are boasting today rings a bell of Nokia Aeon concept phone, simply the superb one. This new concept phone emanates from Petitinvention and is believed to be concocted and designed by one smart Apple follower. So that’s how it has been christened ‘the Mac Phone’.

The magnificent beauty flaunts both the QWERTY and numeric keypad along with the clean touchscreen that gives a pinch of the white Mac. What makes it completely ground-braking is the screen that does not have any borders and hence it one of the most captivating designs ever. So far, no updates available on technical specifications or the operating system, but the beauty grabs attention without a doubt.

The Mac phone is designed by Mac Funamizu (Mac is the nickname) at Petitinvention who is a web/graphic designer working in Tokyo, Japan. The man is designing because of his affinity to fun only, so he has sidelined the views or opinions of tech geeks and is least bothered about their comments.