Thursday, October 2, 2008

Chosen Nokia Bluetooth headset BH-703? Get right directions

As you have already invested in Nokia Bluetooth headset BH-703 I’d have to say that you have made a correct choice with it being reasonably priced with a sleek look and moreover it’s a definitely more comfortable earpiece than any other option available in the same price range. Now you can play around with it in following ways.

Absolute choice of Wearability

  • You can choose from three earplug sizes, optional earoop, and a matching neck strap which is called lanyard for all-day comfort & convenience.
  • You can select out of them depending in occasion.

User-friendly handling

  • You need not fumble while handling call on this device as you can take control on your fingertip and do the functions like call swapping, call holding etc with the multifunction key.
  • You can also operate the touch sensitive volume via brushing the surface.

The BH-703 touch controls feature for volume adjustment really makes the work easier and when it combines with the neck lanyard and USB charging comes out to be a great design idea from Nokia

Call quality has been very good so far as DSP technology has been incorporated. The Nokia Bluetooth headset BH-703 widely consists of following attributes.

  • Three earplug sizes
  • Touch sensitive volume control
  • Enhanced audio quality
  • Digital signal processing (DSP)
  • One multifunctional button
  • Fast charging