Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Parrot ck3100 bluetooth Car kit – Experience ultimate sound clarity

Parrot CK3100 car kits is believed to be a contemporary substitute to other hands free solutions used in cars. Want to converse in car and Parrot CK3100 almost serves the purpose by delivering optimum efficiency while performing.

Does this mean no more missing of those important business calls? Yes that’s true Parrot CK3100 car kit offers enough comfort and makes it easy for you to attend those lucrative business calls.

You need not look for your mobile phone at the time of a call or while making a call as the kit frees up your hands to concentrate on driving rather than taking the pain of getting your phone to your ears. Unlike other Car Kits, CK3100 offers clear voice transmission quality helping you to understand each word in the conversation clearly. This car kit works bluetooth and wireless technology.

  • Caller ID
  • Signal length
  • well contrasted digits enabling you to read easily
  • Display

The kit has ultra supreme audio quality and digital effect. The Platform or the software used can be upgraded as and when you need to.

LCD display with scroll button validation is on a high display gears the kit to deliver high performance output.

It can be installed with great ease in any vehicle mechanism as installation is crucial and most painstaking task for any car owner. Car speaker can be used with CK3100 car kit making it more comfortable with a clear sound effect.


Nick said...

New Parrot Bluetooth kits available now aswell parrot mki9000 mki9100 & mik9200