Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Mario Kart Wii from Mario Kart Series

Latest new buzz in the industry is the Mario Kart Wii from much famed Mario Kart series. The package comes with Wii Wheel to get you more in sync with realty and take you for an ultimate joyride, Albeit, it works with other controllers too.

Mario Kart Wii has features that resemble a lot more with the former Mario Kart but aided with additional features step up with the current splurge in the market. To save game data in mario kart wii you need to have 23 blocks of game memory on your Wii System. But if you are thinking wild enough to copy it, much to your disappointment fact remains it can’t be copied. The Wii features an ability that keeps gamers from transferring game data from one Wii to another.

Mario Kart Channel utilizes 78 blocks but prevents the players from copying game data from Wii to their SD cards.

  • Time Trail
  • Boss Battle
  • VS. Race
  • Numbered Gates: You have to drive though gates in as short time span as possible to win the game.
  • Coin Collecting
Tricks and Stunts and games go hand in hand, hence Mario Kart Wii includes Tricks or Stunts a new feature for gameplays. When you perform a trick, you get a boost in your speed. The character within the game can hence perform different traits like grabbing the item box from midair.