Monday, January 12, 2009

iPod FM Transmitter with Car kit – Music on the Move

You must be well aware about the popularity of the iPod right? Well while driving on the road obviously you want your iPod in the action, on the move as well. So you can have the perfect selection here as iPod FM Transmitter with car kit. An iPod car holder helps one to use the iPod as they drive. The holder acts as a container the iPod is input to hold it so that it is firm and does not get damaged as one drives along. Well simultaneously it charges your iPod as well.

Now this 200 Channel iPod FM Transmitter is the perfect way to get sound from your iPhone, iPod, PDA, MP3 into your car stereo. It can transmit stereo audio from your portable music player directly to your car's radio or home stereo through your FM radio. Tune your car stereo or receiver to the clearest FM frequency and you can enjoy your digital music with full high quality sound and convenience. Comes with Remote Control for Complete Control of your iPod from anywhere in the car. Also supports iPhone hands-free talking though your car speaker system.

This 200 Channel Bluetooth and FM Transmitter Car Kit for iPod use the FM Station from 88.1-107.9MHz for best quality of sound. Standard USB output socket provides charging for Mobile Phone, GPS and other devices. With universal car holder, the flexible goose – pipe helps to find best position on your convenient. High quality silicone gel on the back & sides protect your device from being damaged. As it comes with remote control it can be operated from anywhere in the car. All in one I say this is the perfect travel kit for iPod or iPhone users where it never compromise with quality. So don’t miss your favourite itunes on the move.


alfred said...

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