Saturday, November 8, 2008

Nokia Wireless Audio Adapter AD-47W – Connecting Music !!!

Enjoy the music while moving with Nokia Wireless Audio Adapter AD-47W, a new generation Bluetooth dongle. If you respect other by not making loud noise on your computer and want to listen good quality music on it though, then you will have the ultimate choice of Nokia Wireless Audio Adapter. This Bluetooth Dongle allows you to connect a compatible headset supporting Bluetooth wireless technology to your computer or other compatible device. That means Nokia Wireless Adaptor will let you use your Bluetooth enabled headset to listen music using the music player application on your computer.

This UBS adapter just plugs it in your computer or laptop and pairs it with your Bluetooth or wireless headset and enjoys listening music while moving, within Bluetooth ranged area. So you can enjoy your music wirelessly without disturbing anyone at your home, work place, in public or while traveling.

This adapter is compatible with Nokia Wireless Headset HS-12W, Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-601, and Nokia Wireless Audio Gateway AD-42W. Also applicable with USB specification 2.0 and Bluetooth specification 1.2. Supporting the following profile 1.0 (source role) and Audio Video Remote Control Profile 1.0 (target role). The adapter is compatible with Windows XP and Windows 2000.

So get ready to rock on your favorite music tracks wirelessly connected from your computer, while moving or doing some other works.