Tuesday, September 30, 2008

DISPLEX is the best scratch remover for mobile phone screens

If you are really fed up of those itchy bitchy scratches on your mobile phone screen that curbs the pleasure you gain from watching the picture of your beloved once than here is the solution to you. Oh come on you can’t sell your phone just because the screen is no crisper as it used to be when you bought it, it just needs an attention that you should have given it initially. However, better late then never. Displex is an ultimate remedy to cure shabby and unsightly screens for your handheld consoles (PSP, NDS, and GP2X etc.), MP3 players (iPod etc.), mobile telephones.

Talismoon sensed this prevalent customer problem and immediately came out with Displex tube and cloth. You can eliminate the scratches in their displays with this new type of special polishing paste that too quickly and cost-effectively via do-it-yourself process.

Displex is a patented product packaged in 5g pack of polish, enough for approx. 8-10 applications (depending on screen size).

Usage Guide

  • Apply some Displex to the scratched surface of phone or iPod.
  • Polish the scratched areas with firm pressure for 2-3 minutes with the supplied cloth.
  • Re-apply as necessary for deep stubborn scratches.
  • Remove residue.

It actually works

The acrylic lens is lightly dissolved and polished with fine abrasive particles. The corners of the scratch traces are rounded off and the fissure bottom impregnated with excess material. So re-consider if you are planning to get rid of you display gadgets.